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Digital Media Solutions provides personalized support for businesses, families and individuals with fully edited, authored and indexed, digital productions. Whether it is preserving or archiving photographs, videos or digital media, creating and distributing company training, advertising or operating materials, we can provide you with reliable digital media solutions.

DVD Transfer Services

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DVD Producer SpotLight

Liz Skarzynski is the owner/producer of Digital Media Solutions, LLC. 

She is conveniently located in Fairfield County, Connecticut and has lived in the New England area for over 30 years.  dvd-video

dvd production

Digital Photo Scrapbooks


Create a production on DVD using your photos, videos, films, slides and documents. We add The right music, special effects, titles and graphics to bring the presentation to life. A great way to share your memories with family and friends. dvd-video


Did you know....

vhs-tapesFact: Videotape will begin to significantly degrade and lose picture quality in as little as twelve years.

Fact: “Pre-recorded DVD outsells VHS by 4 to 1!” National retailers such as Circuit City are actually discontinuing the sale of all VHS products.

Fact: Images on DVD last up to 100 years, ten times longer than videotape.

dvd production

What can I do with a DVD?

Here are a few examples of DVD uses. The possibilities are almost endless.
video-transfer Video or Film to DVD Transfer
video-transfer Audiocassette or LP to CD Transfer
video-transfer DVD & CD Duplication
video-transfer International Format Conversions
video-transfer Photo Slideshows
video-transfer Scholarship DVDs
video-transfer PowerPoint Conversions
video-transfer Family or Business Archives

video-transfer Video Print
video-transfer Still Pictures from Video
video-transfer Video Tape Duplication
video-transfer Business Card DVD
video-transfer Promotional DVDs
video-transfer Product Training
video-transfer Product/Tradeshow Demos


dvd-video... and much more. To see more examples of The type of DVD work we can do for you, click more:

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